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The Jagiellonian University is the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded on 12 May 1364 by the Polish king Casimir the Great. Since its very beginning, the Jagiellonian University has been an international institution.
Today, the Jagiellonian University comprises 16 Faculties, where nearly 4 thousand academic staff conduct research and provide education to over 40 thousand students, within the framework of more than 80 different fields of study. The eminent researchers and state-of-the-art infrastructure make the JU one of the leading Polish scientific institutions, collaborating with major academic centres from all over the world.
The university's prestige in both Poland and abroad is illustrated by its widely recognised research achievements. The scientists and physicians from the JU Medical College carry out pioneer studies, e.g. in cardiac surgery, urology and neurology, often leading to the development of novel treatment methods. JU archaeologists explore the secrets of ancient sites in various parts of the world. The astronomers take part in the most important international projects in their field, whereas the results of research by JU biotechnologists have been published in such reputable specialist journals.
Additionally, the University was also recognised by the international databases Web of Science and Elsevier Scopus as possessing the most prolific researchers in Poland, publishing the most academic papers. In 2018, it was the only Polish and Eastern European higher education institution in Reuter’s Top 100: Europe’s Most Innovative Universities ranking.

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